5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Commercial Standby Generator

by John Rieselman | Oct 2, 2020 3:50:54 PM

As a Florida business owner, you know how often our state is hit with storms. During hurricane season, power outages are a common occurrence— and days without electricity can halt operations for days on end.

Perhaps in the past you muddled through with a portable generator, powering up your bare essentials for a day or two until the outage was resolved. But these small generators are often more hassle than they’re worth for the short-term, temporary power they supply.

Isn’t it time you invest in a commercial-grade, reliable backup generator? Here are five reasons any SWFL business should invest in a permanently-installed standby unit.

1. A standby generator will fire up automatically, without manual intervention.

During a high category hurricane, the last thing you need to worry about is driving to your business to fire up a portable generator. Because these generators are gas-powered and emit fumes, they are not approved for indoor use either, meaning you’d need to run them outside mid-storm.

A permanently-installed standby generator, however, fires up automatically when the power supply is cut, running without any manpower to start. Have the peace of mind that your electricity won’t be interrupted, regardless of the weather. 

2. A standby generator will help to power your security needs.

You may not expect troublemakers to brave the storm to tamper with your business, but mischievous incidents occur during outages. When security cameras lose power and the lights go out, criminals know it’s an opportune time to strike.

With a backup generator, you won’t have to worry about losing your top-notch security features. Your doorways will remain brightly lit, your interior shining openly though any visible windows, and your video footage rolling. This is especially helpful if your staff remains home during a storm warning or business closing, guaranteeing that while all is quiet, all will remain that way.

This power also ensures your fire alarms are up and running and improves the safety of your business and inventory.

3. A standby generator will keep your systems continually running.

Many businesses are powering large servers that house a wealth of data. Can you imagine losing power or suffering from a damaging surge that wipes your business resources clear? 

A standby generator will ensure that these systems keep operating and that the AC is kicking to keep them cool and fully-functioning, at all times.

4. A standby generator will keep your sump pump or sewage pump fully operational. 

If you have one, your sump pump drains ground water away from your business, while your sewage pump helps ensure fluids are forced out to your septic tank or sewage system. 

During a hurricane when flooding is prevalent, it’s crucial to keep these important pump systems continually operational to avoid costly water damage inside of your business.

5. A standby generator can last days at a time, promising semi-long-term power.

Whereas a portable generator may be able to temporarily power a segment of your business’ electricity needs, a standby unit can run for days on end with an adequate fuel source.

Commercial generators are available in two fuel sources: liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG). A LP backup generator can keep running so long as there is propane in the tank and you have propane on hand to refuel with. Stocking up pre-storm can guarantee you a few days of power, depending on your tank size and how much you’re powering. Businesses located next to an underground natural gas line have an endless supply of fuel, allowing their generator to run as needed until power is restored! 

Hassle-free Commercial Generator Installation

Convinced it’s time to install a permanent backup generator? The Brittania Electric team is here to help you pick the perfect model for your wattage requirements and have one installed. 

Explore our Electrical Services page or give us a call at 239-277-1881, today.

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